5 Ways Technology Helps Seniors

Senior citizens may not be the first demographic to grab up the latest pieces of technology, but that doesn’t mean they have no use for tech tools.  On the contrary, there are many different pieces of technology that can help to enrich the lives of seniors.  

If you’re looking for ways to provide an enriched life for yourself or your loved one, knowing what tools you have at your disposal is the first step to achieving your goal.  Take a few moments to read through a quick explanation of a few ways technology can help seniors live a safer, more fulfilling life.  

GPS services 

GPS location services have developed into very capable very wearable devices that can offer help to seniors living with advanced Alzheimer’s.  Wandering is a common occurrence when Alzheimer’s patients progress, and a high-tech GPS device could help save a life.  

Wearable, stealthy GPS technology can easily become a part of your loved one’s shoe or watch.  You’ll never have to wonder where you are or where your loved one is when you have the right GPS technology at work.  


Camera technology has come a long way in the past decade, and today’s cameras are more affordable than ever before too.  Assisted and independent living facilities use cameras to keep an eye on seniors, and there are other handy uses as well.  

Cameras in your senior’s home can help you keep an eye on your loved one throughout the day and night.  You can also keep a watchful eye on caregivers to make certain they are treating your loved senior with the care and respect they deserve.  

Mobile apps

Mobile phones are one of the most highlighted pieces of technology in the current generation, and seniors should be able to take part in the movement as well.  

A senior’s smartphone can help with monitoring medication schedules, checking basic health stats like heart rate, and offer location services.  

Teaching your most beloved senior how to use their smartphone to simplify life a bit, so they have plenty of time to enjoy the time they have left.  

Robots and virtual assistance

Robots used to be a thing of storybooks and feature films, but not anymore.  There are several robots on the market that could really be of assistance to the elderly.  

There are robots to help with daily cleaning tasks like the Roomba.  Virtual assistance is as simple as a voiced request too.  All you need to have is a device like a Google Nest or Alexa.  

Emergency response services 

Lack of the mobility of youth can cause challenges for seniors.  Other health problems combined with these challenges can place your loved senior in need of assistance from time to time.  Having a convenient and capable emergency services device by your side can make help just a click of a button away.  

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