Buying Product Key For Windows 10 Pro: Things To Know!

After a near-miss with Windows 8.1, Microsoft bounced back with Windows 10. When Windows 10 was initially launched, those who were using Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 could upgrade to the latest version for free, not anymore. Windows 10 was launched in three different editions – Home, Pro, and Pro for Workstations. Windows 10 Pro or professional was intended for professionals and small businesses, while Home was geared towards noncommercial use. As of now, you have to buy Windows 10 Pro to use it, for which you need a product key. In this post, we are discussing everything worth knowing about Windows 10 Pro product key.

The need for a product key

Product keys have been a standard feature of Windows for a while now, and Windows 10 is no different. Think of the product key as a digital license to use the OS from Microsoft. A product key is offered by the company to ensure that Windows is used as intended. Each key is unique and can be used on one system only. Before you ask, you can still use Windows 10 Pro without the key, but with a few subtractions. For example, you cannot access the personalization features that the new version has to offer. Windows will remind you time and again that the version is not activated, and you have an annoying watermark on the desktop that says “Activate Windows”. Since Windows 10 Pro is designed for professional use, it makes sense to ensure that it is activated to harness the full suite of features.

Where to buy product keys?

You can always visit the official website of Microsoft to get keys for Windows 10 Pro, but that can be expensive. There are many third-party sellers, who offer Windows keys and often at a discount. These are genuine retail keys, and the price discount is basically because these companies work with resellers and get keys in bulk. You can make the payment and the key will be sent to you on email. In case there is an issue in the activation process, the concerned service will help you out. To activate Windows 10 Pro, just go to settings and find the ‘Update and Security’ section, where you will find the choice to ‘Activate Windows’.

Activating Windows 10 Pro is a onetime process and you don’t need to spend more on future updates, which is another good reason to get a key.

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