4 Amazing Military Vehicles that Harness the Power of Etched Parts

Technology has certainly come a long way over the years, especially in the history of United States’s military. Since World War II, specialty vehicles have helped our military branches defend our shores, fight enemy forces, and complete rescue operations for civilians, allies, and fellow soldiers alike. In honor of our military, let’s explore some of these amazing vehicles that operate with the help of etched metal parts.

1. Drones

Unlike traditional aircraft, these remarkable vehicles are controlled entirely from a remote base. These unmanned planes are used in situations when it is too dangerous or difficult to send soldiers for. While some drones can have weapons, the most common way the U.S. military uses drones is for surveillance operations. These robotic vehicles utilize hundreds of intricate metal parts, and many of them are made with photochemical etching.

2. V-22 Osprey

Part helicopter and part plant, this amazing multipurpose aircraft model is commonly used by U.S. military troops domestically and abroad. It is capable of flying up to 500,000 hours and can carry up to 24 military troops, or 24,000 pounds of internal cargo. It has the dexterity to respond to distant threats and can fly as fast as 275 knots. The wings even fold when it parks to save space! The Osprey’s diverse capabilities are made possible with many, many etched parts.

3. AAV-7A1 Amtrac

Also known as the Amphibious Assault Vehicle, the Amtrac is an expert at transitioning from sea to land. The vehicle can navigate rough waters as high as 10 feet in one moment, then emerge right out of the water onto a beach the next. Used by the U.S. Marine Corps, the Amtrac has proved its usefulness for decades in warfare. It, too, utilizes small metal parts that are successfully made through the etching process.

4. Joint Light Tactical Vehicle

Don’t let the name of this vehicle fool you. The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, or JLTV for short, is designed to be stronger, heavier, and bigger than the traditional Humvee vehicle commonly known for military transportation. It’s designed to not only navigate tougher terrain, but the JLTV can also carry soldiers safely across a literal minefield! Specially designed armored plating on the underbelly, doors, and exterior shell of the vehicle can protect its passengers from unsuspecting blasts. Thanks to chemical etching, metal parts such as those in the JLTV can be made without compromising the strength of the material.


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