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The joy of buying a second-hand watch is avoiding the initial depreciation. Most luxurious products depreciate very fast once they leave the shelves. If you are looking for something luxurious but affordable, consider entering the Swiss watch market to buy second-hand ones.

However, buying a pre-owned watch is nerve-racking. Apart from worrying about pricey write-offs, you can easily go home with a lemon. To avoid you from getting duped, watch buyer New York provided a few things that you must know when looking for and purchasing used watches.

Choose Popular Brands

Popular brands are appropriate to buy because they have the best value. They are worth investing. Once you are done using them, you can always resell them or pawn to get some extra cash. Some of the favorite brands include Rolex sports, Cartier and Panerai.

Look out for Dial Damages

It is acceptable for used watches to have minor cosmetic damages. However, dial damages resulting from water and aging are costly to fix. Also, check the bracelet stretching something familiar in old watches. You do not want to buy a pre-owned watch and end up breaking the bank to fix.

Service History

By checking servicing records of used watches, you get to double check and confirm its authenticity. Different brands have different servicing records. Therefore, ask for timepieces if available to access the watch’s original paperwork. Watches with bad servicing history tend to be risky. They may end up developing problems.

Original Specs

The most prominent threat to purchasing pre-owned watches is modifications and repairs done. When you notice a modification that differs significantly with original specs from the manufacturer, be cautious. Modified watches may look appealing but once bought reselling them will be difficult.

Always keep in mind that when the deal is too good. Some dealers will offer you a great deal, which is precisely why watches are made; to be valuable and luxurious. Similarly, when you find one discounted significantly, there must be more than it meets the eye.

Avoid Polishing

When you finally buy a watch, avoid having the timepiece polished unless you follow the servicing recommendations for that specific make. A watch polished severally tends to become weak with time losing its value. Always think of the time that you might want to sell it.

Buy from reputable a Retailer

Sometimes you may not get all paper to verify the authenticity of specific brands. In such cases, you need to buy from reputable retailers. These are regulated shops that keep records of who owned the watch previously. Pawnshops are a good example.

If you have to buy or sell your watch, visit Gem Pawnbrokers your number one watch buyer New York. You can sell your watch or use it as collateral for quick cash.

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