All About Fleet Delivery Tracking Reports

Time is money, and each decision that your fleet drivers make can either be an added efficiency or cost you fuel and other resources. With fleet delivery tracking reports, you’ll have access to real-time data that lets you see when a particular asset is driving aggressively, for example. This information helps keep your workforce fully productive and saves money on insurance, fuel and maintenance costs as well. See how fleet delivery tracking reports provide you with the information that you need to fully optimize your fleet.

Mobile Notifications

Life doesn’t slow down just because you’re busy, so mobile fleet tracking reports are a must-have for business owners and operations managers. US Fleet Tracking provides you with mobile notifications for a variety of activities:

  • See when your fleet assets leave or enter a specific area with geofencing
  • Keep maintenance up-to-date with maintenance alerts based on miles or hours of usage
  • See when assets are turned on, off or are idling
  • Get notified immediately about reckless driving, or drivers who are exceeding the speed limit

Protect Your Employees

Advanced functionality like weather tracking assures that you’re always apprised of dangerous weather situations as they develop. You’re able to integrate fleet delivery tracking capabilities such as integration with service call software to bring management of your assets to a single location. Keep your employees safe on the road with remote start and stop, remote lock activation and protect your fleet assets with a remote kill switch if your vehicle is stolen or being misused. Preset routes right in the software and see when your fleet assets deviate from these routes.

Playback Activities for 90 Days

Every fleet manager or operations manager knows that there are times you’ll need to be able to accurately playback a particular asset’s route — either to settle a legal dispute or to determine whether or not an employee has been following corporate protocol. You’ll have instant access to a variety of different information from our fleet delivery tracking system, including: stops, starts, integrated street view, speed and locations. This information is available in real time and for playback within 90 days.

Ideal for Fleets of All Sizes

Fleet management is no longer simply for larger fleets — businesses of all sizes can take advantage of the benefits that can be found with fleet delivery tracking software. From significant cost savings to improved safety and customer service, all types of delivery businesses are finding value with this cost-effective asset tracking.

Having the right mix of real-time notifications and reporting available is critical to effective fleet management. See how US Fleet Tracking can help you make the most of your vehicle and human assets. Optimizing your fleet operations doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing. Give our friendly professionals a call today at 405-726-9900 or chat live with us online.

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