Build Your Own Team Of IT Developers With Cybercraft

Outsourcing and offshore services are relevant for businesses in many industries. Of course, the task related to acquiring and retaining offshore talent is a different game altogether. To facilitate that and more, CyberCraft brings team building services for clients around the world. CyberCraft has been in the IT industry for three decades and their services are customized to meet specific needs. Clients get access to professional fulltime developers, who work for their company as a part of the team, and everything on the ground is managed by the capable CyberCraft team, located in Ukraine.

How does CyberCraft work?

CyberCraft offers customized solutions and tailored IT staffing ideas for clients. To get things rolling, the client must submit a list of requirements and recruitment goals. CyberCraft has access to a pool of over 50,000 IT professionals with diverse skills and expertise, which can be used to build tailored teams for the client. Unlike other staffing companies, CyberCraft offers the most comprehensive support for every project, and clients get to participate in it, so as to give approvals.

Everything from the interviews, technical assessment and recruitment will be handled by the company. In general, the company takes around two months to setup smaller teams of five developers. The work of CyberCraft doesn’t stop there – they may sure that the team is easily incorporated into the setup of the client and everything related to facilities and technical infrastructure is taken care of. They also specialize in legal and financial activities and can also cater to retention requirements.

Why CyberCraft?

When you want to build dedicated development team, expertise counts, and nothing is more important than having necessary resources. With numerous known clients on their list, CyberCraft has managed to turn things for clients who need nearshore and offshore IT services and teams. They also exceed expectations when it comes to communication and pricing, and their work is validated by the number of contracts and projects that have successfully implemented so far. Compared to the extension of your in-house team, CyberCraft helps you save almost 60% of the cost, without affecting productivity. As a client, you just need to get the work done, and the rest, including payroll and daily requirements, will be managed by the company.

Get in touch with CyberCraft to know what they can bring to the table for your project, or else, just check their website for more details on their work process.

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