CenturyLink versus Xfinity Internet. Which one is better? 

Both CenturyLink Internet and Comcast Infinity are well-known Internet service providers in the nation of the United States. However, if you have both available at your location, how do you decide which one to opt for?. There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these Internet service providers, and it is at the end left up to you to decide which one you want to go with. However, in this article, you will understand the specific pros and cons.

CenturyLink offers its customers unlimited data and does not increase the price if you use a lot of data. However, Xfinity download speeds are much faster and more reliable. If you’re only looking for promotional offers, then Xfinity may win over CenturyLink.


Depending on your location, the speeds of CenturyLink may vary. However, the prices of Xfinity vary even in the case of the same speed.

Space Xfinity charges you based on the place where you live. However, the speeds tend to remain the same. In the case of CenturyLink, the speed changes depending on your location. However, CenturyLink always provides its customers with the fastest available Internet plans. In the case of Xfinity, the Internet plans start out at much lower levels than CenturyLink. However, the price you pay for the speed evens out between Xfinity and CenturyLink. One thing that does not match between the two Internet service providers is what type of speed is being offered. CenturyLink connected customers to the Internet at $15 for 200 Mbps speed or 940 Mbps at $65 depending on the plan the customer has chosen. However, Xfinity offers a bunch of speeds for customers to choose from. Therefore for streamers or gamers, Xfinity super fast plans are the best.

Coverage maps

Both Internet service providers are responsible for providing Internet services to a significant amount of the population in the US. Currently, Xfinity is available in 39 states, while CenturyLink is available in 37 states of the USA. If there is a coverage comparison between the two, you will notice a coverage overlap in a lot of sections of Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Colorado, Illinois, Georgia, Kansas, Indiana, Michigan, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, New Jersey, Oregon North Carolina commerce South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, Utah and Washington.

The metro regions where you will find a significant overlap are Denver, Minneapolis, New Mexico, Oregon, Portland, Albuquerque, Salem, Salt Lake City, Santa Fe, Spokane, Tallahassee, Tuscon, Washington, and Florida.

Connection type

CenturyLink offers its customers the digital subscriber line or DSL connection. DSL is a slow mode of the Internet. It uses phone lines to pass the traffic. Certain locations in the USA also have fiber Internet plans. The cyber-Internet plans use fiber optic cables laid underground for the passage of data. Fibre Internet is much faster than the DSL one. Thus, if you live in a location where a fiber network is available, you should opt for the fiber option. If you are a resident of Rogersville, check out CenturyLink rogersville mo.

Xfinity provides Internet connection to its users via the use of coaxial cable hookup. Such types of cable connections can provide download speeds equivalent to the speed provided by fiber. However, the downside is that the connection is asymmetrical. The upload speeds will be a lot slower compared to the download speeds. Therefore, if you are video conferencing or uploading a large number of files to the web, your task is slightly slower.

Promo options

CenturyLink does not offer any promo pricing. Therefore, you will not be availing of any discounts that would tempt you to sign up. However, this also means that there will not be any sudden increase in your bill once the 12 month period gets over. The Internet plans of century links are priced extremely competitively. Therefore, the monthly charge is an honest one.

However, in the case of Comcast Internet, the plans are different in each of the three regions where Comcast operates: the North East coast, central and western regions. Those speeds are consistent all over the region. However, the prices are not. The price of Comcast Internet plans ranges in price from $20 to $115 every month with it downloads me that goes all the way up to 1200 Mbps. There is also a $300 gigabyte pro plan that users fiber hookups to provide symmetrical download and upload speeds medusas only available in certain country sections.

Thus, CenturyLink is doing a lot to expand its fiber footprint, but most of the footprint is only using DSL speed. Suppose you are only getting a DSL connection of CenturyLink at your section. In that case, you should check out Comcast Infinity if you have to satisfy with a data gap. With Xfinity cable, you will find download speeds much faster than the DSL ones.

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