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When you download media files, you must have found so many media files formats present on the internet. Some media file has FLV extension; some have AVI extensions; some have MKV extensions; and so many more. But can your Mac play all the formats? Rather you would want to find a file that the players in your computer can support. So, even after you find the media file, you wouldn’t download it as your Mac won’t support the file. You will go on searching for the format that your player/players on your Mac can play. Sometimes you get them, sometimes you won’t.

There is another factor that if you don’t use a download manager to download a file, you know that media files are big files, and downloading via internet browser will take a lot of time. In any case, if there is any disruption in internet connection or if there is heavy traffic, you then again should have to start downloading the file from the beginning. So, the need for a third-party app is must if you are a frequent downloader which is going to help you download files.

How to Choose Download Manager which would fit your needs?

A download manager helps you to download a file fast and uninterrupted so that you wouldn’t have to restart downloading from the beginning if the internet line is disrupted. If you are using a Mac, the best option for you is to get Folx, the best Mac downloader. Folx can convert the media file in any format you would like your media file to be downloaded, which your player can support. There are also some other features of Folx.

Special Features of Folx are as follows:

  • Splitting of downloads in up to 20 threads
  • Scheduling the downloads
  • Integration with iTunes
  • Speed control
  • Search for torrents directly from the application
  • Video Download
  • Save any number of passwords for FTP and HTTP websites
  • High-speed downloading
  • Split the downloads into two threads
  • Auto-resuming of downloads

So, get Folx, and you will have the best download manager on your Mac.

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