General Description from the Electronic Transformer

The emergence of electronic transformer is considered like a revolution within the manufacturing industry of high current electrical apparatus. Its digital output as well as networking connection result in the device more and safer ecological protective, that are also benefit for that intelligent from the entire electrical energy transmission and distribution system. There are lots of characteristics of the technology: first of all, the little size replaces the initial large size next, digital transmission replaced the simulation output, that is simple to process the bond and intelligent from the follow-up network thirdly, transmitting the signal by optical fiber cable is anti-interference fourthly, the commercial Ethernet can be used through the electronic transformer to determine and share, thus a lot of electric cables could be saved.

The electronic transformer has altered the initial method of assemble application, for example, the microelectronic products are removed outdoors, nearing our prime tension wires and circuit breaker. The unit should be disturbed through the rainwater and irregular electromagnetism. There are plenty of challenges in the use of this latest technology, like the interference protection, error charge of communication and also the reliable source of energy. To be able to solve the above mentioned problems, we ought to perfect the attached standards and promote the study of electronic transformer towards the direction of high reliability and stability.

There are several research directions from the new technology later on, I’ll list below: first may be the passivity of sensor. The only ECT will build up for the passivity, for example getting away from the dependence of source of energy, offering the ability alone. Thus the service existence from the device can achieve greater than 10 years. Next, the electronic transformer can combine with numerous devices like transformer, isolating switch, due to t he low power and small size. These different combinations can save cost and space. These units is also complementary with one another. The 3rd direction is standardization.

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