Guide to Be Good Parents

It is rightly said that parenting is an art. In the bygone era, most Indian denizens used to live in joint families. Proper upbringing of the progeny in the family was not a hard nut to crack, for there were a lot of family members to take care of each and every aspect of a child’s life. However, in the contemporary world, nuclear families have becomemore prevalent. Moreover, in most households, both the parents are working. As such, being good parents sometimes seems to be a Herculean task. It is the responsibility of parents to nurture their young ones in such a way that they grow up to be not just self-reliant but also responsible individuals with good ethics.Nonetheless, where there is a will, there is a way. We are going to shed some light on the ways to become good progenitors.

Lay a Strong Foundation

Well begun is half done. As soon as you get to know that you are about to become parents, pull up your socks to ensure that your little one is born hale and hearty. No two opinions that the would-be mother’s diet should be proper. In addition to that, both the spouses should take care that she stays calm and happy. Indians have always believed that the foundation of a child’s psyche is laid in mother’s womb itself. Now, scientific research too has corroborated this. Act and behave the way you would like your offspring to do in future. Also, apprise yourselves of all sorts of information about kids and parenting.

Welcoming Your Bundles of Joy

Take proper care of your ward’s health, hygiene and other needs. Provide them with a good ambience and nourish them properly right since the time they step into this world. Take turns to look after them. It is no longer solely mother’s duty to rear the kid, father must also contribute equally in the physically exhausting but emotionally rewarding job. Read books or online material to understand the psychology and unspoken requirements of kids.


Be there to relish their milestones. As they start growing, they should be assigned certain responsibilities according to their age. Even a toddler can collect its toys after playing. This helps them become responsible, confident and in future, independent.Boost their morale by appreciating them whenever they do something good or achieve a goal in life.

Be Good Role Models

Actions speak louder than words. So, practice what you preach. Whether in front of the child or otherwise, take care of your actions. If you want your child to consume healthy food, eat the same food in front of them or actually, with them. If you do not want your child to tell a lies, be true yourself. Always fulfil your promises. Don’t lose temper; handle situations with patience and poise. If you want your child to respect you, be respectful towards yours parents and all the other elders.

Helicopter Parenting and Pampering

When parents are too strict and dictate everything to their wards, the latter are bound to feel suffocated. This would be like chopping off their wings and not letting them fly and discover the world around them. It might also stifle their creativity and not let them become confident and self-dependent.

On the other hand, too much of mollycoddling may turn them into self-centred snobs who take everything for granted and don’t value anything in life. Such kids too find it difficult to adjust when they step out.

Following a balanced approach is the best. Let them fly and explore things for themselves but do keep a close watch on them and their surroundings. Set the permissible limits and be there to guide them.

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child

This ancient adage no longer holds true. In fact, it may have serious lifelong repercussions on the mind of the child. Besides, when they reach teenage, they might revolt and even go astray.

To err is human, and everybody makes mistakes. Don’t take your child to task when the child makes a mistake. Make them understand in a friendly way, giving reasons why they were wrong and what could be the possible consequences of their acts.

Corporal punishment and even verbal abuse are a strict no-no. Punishment should be something like deduction in pocket money, no or lesser TV time, no outing for a week/month and so on – that do not involve violence.

Inculcate Ethics and Life Skills

In the cut throat competitive and materialistic world of today, it is survival of the fittest. However, another fact of life is that those who are high on emotional quotient are able to not just attain but also retain success. And where does emotional quotient come from? It comes from good moral values. Also, prepare your kid to achieve success by pursuing excellence and not through unjust means.

Ethics make a human being humane and sensitive towards all other living beings, motherland as well as mother nature. In addition to that, they bestow mental and emotional strength upon a person, which is of paramount significance.

Another demand of the modern times is that one must be worldly wise. It is necessary to make sure that they do not fall prey to ulterior motives of unscrupulous elements. Teach them how to deal with different people and the difference between good and bad touch, right from the beginning when they start understanding language.

Health, Studies and Hobbies

Don’t compare your child with another one or even their siblings. Every child is unique and has different interests. Set a timetable which incudes everything from study time to playing time, TV time, time for outdoor activities, hobbies and outings to eating time and sleeping time etc.

It would help the child enjoy all the facets of life and aid in its holistic development. The child would not hold any grudges regarding anything and also imbibe the crucial virtue of discipline. Not just that, it would also help in bringing out their hidden talent.

Don’t force a career on your child. Let them follow their passion, because it would give them the stimulus to succeed. This is the age of diverse and unheard-of occupations. If you think that their choice is lacklustre, explain to them your point of view, but don’t impose your decision.

Spend Quality Time Together

There are parents who make it a point to spent quality time with their kids, despite their hectic life. You might hire a nanny to look after your kids, but it is necessary for you to be there for your progeny for some fixed duration every day. Options to make this time enriching and satisfying are a plenty. For instance, helping them with their studies, doing art work with them, watching their favourite TV show/movie with them, narrating meaningful bedtime stories, family outings and listening to their school stories for the day etc.

Some families make it a point to enjoy certain games together, because kids just love games. Some go for hide and seek, cricket, badminton and other outdoor games. Others organize nice daily sessions of ludo, chess and card games like crazy eights, slapjack or a more refined one as classic rummy. The point is to follow a no holds barred approach – when adults become kids and kids become adults. These fun activities help strengthen the bonds with the kids.

Be the Backbone of Your Child

Repose your faith in your young one and stand by him/her through thick and thin of life. If they happen to go through some failure or hard times, don’t deride them. Instead be their strength and help them cope with the adversities in life. Be their most trusted confidante in whom they can always confide. However, tread cautiously if the child flouts laws and indulges in any immoral activity, lest your ward should become a routine offender, a rogue or a criminal.

The Gist

Almost every parent in today’s world wants a trophy child and has unrealistic expectations of their offspring. We are a bit too particular about their regimen of food, vaccination, schooling and tuitions as also extracurricular activities. However, there are subtle but crucial aspects that have gone on the back burner and are leading to an adverse impact on the life of kids as well parents and society. It is the need of the hour for new age parents to develop and show maturity and bring up their kids and the nation’s future in the best possible way. Don’t be myopic; focus on what would be beneficial to your progeny in the long run and how it would help them evolve into balanced, independent, prudent, contented and principled individuals.

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