Here’s how you can buy digital gold with Airtel Thanks app

We all know that gold holds a very important place in our personal and financial lives. It is one of the most prized possession for people. Be it the financial sector or family values, gold is an indispensable part of our lives. Did you know that the early currency system was based on gold? It was termed as the Gold Standard System. The value of every currency was determined against its value in gold. And now gold is considered as one of the best investments, a person can do. As all aspects of our lives are constantly being digitized, the world of gold is also being digitized. Now, you can even buy gold with an online payment app in India. It is called Digi gold. Airtel Thanks app is one such secure app!

What is Digi gold?

Digital Gold is basically a way of investing in physical gold without really touching it physically. You don’t have to go to a store to buy the gold. You can buy the digital gold offered by various sellers via an app in small and big amounts. The best part is that you can buy digital gold for even Rs.1 and build your portfolio gradually. The gold you buy is stored in a third-party vault.

You can convert the digital gold to physical gold at your convenience anytime!

Why should you invest in Digital Gold?

Investing in gold is quite a smart investment. Digital Gold brings the best of two worlds together – convenience of internet and security of buying traditional gold.


The digital gold you buy from any online payment app in India is 24K. Usually, when you sell gold, the buyer cuts a percentage of the weight as wastage. With digital gold, you are entitled to get full value without any deductions for any other metal.

Budget Friendly

Can you imagine buying 24Karat gold for just Rs. 1? With digital gold and Airtel Thanks app, you can now! Buy gold for small amounts that fit your budget and grow your savings gradually.


You can sell your digital gold quite easily in exchange for cash. If you need cash for an emergency, just sell it according to the 24/7 market-linked rate. The money will be credited to your bank account instantly.

Physical gold

Many people might confuse digital gold as a paper certificate for gold possession. That is not the case here.  Buying digital gold means you are buying actual physical gold. You can get it delivered to your home with insured packaging too.

Secure and credible

The sellers offering Digital Gold are SEBI approved. Therefore, they are credible and secure.

How can I buy Digital Gold using Airtel Thanks app?

Buying Digital Gold using the Airtel Thanks app is quite easy! The app works as an online payment app in India for users to pay for their digital gold.

  • Install the Airtel Thanks app from Google Play Store or an iOS store.
  • Head to the Airtel Shop section. Scroll down to check out Financial Services section.
  • Find the Digigold for Rs.1 banner and tap on it.
  • You need to have an active account with Airtel Payments Bank to buy digital gold using the app.
  • If you don’t have one, you will get the option to create the account in the Digital Gold section itself.
  • Just fill in your details, add relevant documents, and complete the video verification to open the account.
  • With an active savings bank account with Airtel, you can buy gold that is 24K and 100% insured and secured in Brink’s vault.
  • You can also gift the digital gold to a loved one using the Airtel Thanks app.

Just with an online payment app in India like Airtel Thanks, you can now possess physical gold from the comfort of your home. Exchange it for jewellery or gift it to a close one, all with the Airtel Thanks app! Download the app to know more!

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