Introducing the New Wave Of Electronic Signature Technology

In the days of email and instant messages, signing a paper document is quickly becoming somewhat of an anachronism. Historically, the primary benefit of combining pen and paper has been to document agreements, convey authority and enable enforceability in court. However, like all technologies, today’s technologies have outgrown the limitations of their predecessors.

This has opened up new ways to be able to sign a digital document is safer, more secure, and even more legal than signing a paper document. What isn’t so clear is exactly how you can use electronic signatures in your daily life to improve security and convenience.

Here are just a few of the scenarios where e-signatures can make a big difference:

Signing contracts

Using e signature software, you’ll be able to avoid the hassle of printing, signing, and scanning contracts before sending them back to your client. You can also save time by signing multiple copies of the same contract and sending them all at once—saving you from having to send them one at a time.

Link signing

With link signing, you can easily sign documents that have been shared via email or other methods. Link signing works by creating an electronic signature that’s linked directly to the document so that when someone signs it, they’ll also be agreeing to its terms and conditions. This can be used for things like contracts or legal agreements for loan applications and more.

Bulk send

If you’ve ever had to send documents to multiple people at once, e signatures will be a lifesaver for you. With bulk send features like these, everyone who receives the document will see their unique signature as well as any additional information needed for them to accept its terms and conditions. Also, you can create templates for repetitive documents like invoices or purchase orders that automatically include your signature at the bottom whenever someone sends them out.

Notifications & reminders

You don’t have to spend time remembering to follow up with clients or customers about important tasks. Not only does this keep them in the loop about important business matters, but it also helps ensure that they don’t miss any deadlines or important dates. An e signature software will make these notifications that make sure they know they’re coming from someone they trust—and that they trust their information.

The power of e-signatures comes from their ability to enable two parties that don’t know each other to legally and securely transact with each other. The implementation of these using today’s technologies enables you to sign documents electronically and protect the integrity of messages in a way that only the physical world can. As long as you are connected to the web, you will be able to use your electronic signature for most purposes.

There’s no denying the convenience of electronic signatures. Convenience plays a huge role in today’s society, where time is as valuable as money and, these e signature software have proven to be far more secure than the old-style paper ones.

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