Postpaid mobile connections are bill based telecom services, where you first use the service plan, you opted for at the time of entering into a contract with your telecom service provider, and post usage on a monthly basis you get a bill for the usage. The bill generated every month in a post paid connection is inclusive of a fixed monthly rental that you pay for availing the services and also includes charges for other value added services which you might have opted for or used during that particular month beyond your inclusions as per your opted bill plan. Postpaid connections are preferred by heavy mobile users where the monthly base rental plan is fixed. The base plan can be chosen based upon the kind of mobile usage you have and other boosters or add-ons can be included on chargeable basis. The postpaid connection has an advantage of not running out of credit limit and thus loose connectivity due to abrupt depletion of your recharge amount. Postpaid connections are mostly preferred by people in salaried employment and businessman, basically more mature age group who would like to maintain a single number with them for a longer duration as against pre paid connections being used by teenagers, students and people with contractual jobs or variable employments who pay as per their usage and are not in need of consistent monthly usage.

The importance of mobile connectivity gets underscored by the report of ComScore, an American Analytics company, according to which 89% of Indians spent all their online time on mobiles as against other devices. The same is basically due to proliferation of affordable smart phones in the market. Now a mobile device is not simply a communication device offering voice and SMS services, but increasingly the same is being used as a means to connect to the World Wide Web and remain online. It has become a real time communicator across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. as well as a portable shopping device. In fact some of the e-Commerce portals started mobile only shopping model, looking at the increasing time spent on the hand held mobile phones. With the advent of new players in the market and realizing that data along with internet speed is critical for any telecom company to retain and increase its user base, almost all telecom companies are offering dirt cheap mobile plans. These plans come with lucrative data bundled with 4G speeds and leading players like Airtel is offering bundling back of unused data to the data limit of next month.

With post paid connections you can also buy the latest mobile phones at low initial costs andrest amount gets adjusted vide a committed monthly payment towards the phone usage. Eg Airtel is offering the latest Apple device iPhone X for a one time payment of Rs. 36000 and a 24 months commitment of Rs. 2499 per month which comes with unlimited calling local and STD, 40 GB data per month, free handset damage protection and subscription of Amazon Prime. With the ongoing T20 season with any new post paid connection you get to watch T20 cricket free and live on Airtel TV app on the go on your mobile device any where anytime !

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