Sept24 – A Fully Integrated Agency Reinventing Marketing

Sept24 comprises of three agencies developed on the same expertise and knowledge meshing the needs of the clients. There is agence Sept24 à Sherbrooke office that focuses mainly on understanding and researching the issues of regional market.

Sept24 is a completely integrated agency that is Quebec-based and it is reinventing constantly the parameters of marketing and communications. They offer a service of 360 degree entirely focusing on the foremost consulting services.

How do they do?

Sept24 is an amazing agency offering consulting services and they begin by first knowing your situation and then consult the team members and finally cooperate with the clients or their partners. They work literally as client’s strategic intelligence.

At sept24 the marketing and communications are the key services offered. This is given to enrich the business relationships that are based on trust. The world of Sept24 coming into your contact implies you are partnering with a big group of creative people who are a multi-disciplinary team. They have artists, strategists, and also marketing experts to collaborate and interact, keeping the goal of clients advantage.

Expertise areas

Sept24 is specialized in all the generalists and the experience gained by them is not overnight. They have built it instantaneously over a decade. They have in three areas their services and one among them is in Sherbrooke.

The truth is that the boldness of Sept 24 services knows no limits and their creativity are aware of no frontiers. They offer everything in services as more that can be regarded as augmented reality. Clients can be assured of the marketing and communicating services relating to human resources and the market to receive at the right time.

They have a reach to multiple environments and as each has a set of differences, you can notice the paradoxes and mixes. Sept24 team uses this as their strength and assures working with any team that is ready to renew itself and adapt constantly.

What is their Strategy?

Marketing communications strategy of Sept24 covers the entire range of activities involved in the market. This includes from media relations to paid marketing. They also follow the guiding principles of communications strategy that is focusing on brand alignment, customer alignment, and budget alignment.

The marketing plan will feature several campaigns simultaneously on multiple channels. The combination of all inclusive such as social media, TV advertising, PPC, radio, print, etc, presents the actual marketing mix as the strategy of marketing communication.

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