Understanding the Benefits and Challenges faced by Continuous Testing

In case, you wonder what would happen in continuous testing, it would be used for generating test automation suite from user requirements. It would create test environment, copy production data for creating test data bed, parallel performance testing and using service virtualization for testing API.

What are the benefits of continuous testing?

Find below some of the benefits associated with continuous testing.

  1. Accelerating software delivery
  2. Emphasizing business expectations for mitigating business risks.
  3. Continuous testing would improve code quality.
  4. Provides round the clock testing environment access.
  5. It would integrate seamlessly into process.
  6. Test automation would help in achieving consistency by maintaining similar configuration for all tests.
  7. It would assist in assessing business risk coverage.
  8. Enhances time to market through constant feedback mechanism.
  9. Helps you merge traditional teams for meeting needs of contemporary enterprises.
  10. It would help in creating reliable and quick processes in relatively short time.


What are the challenges faced by continuous testing

The most common challenge faced by traditional process would be limiting cultural shift amongst QA and development experts. It would be pertinent that lack of skills along with appropriate tools for testing would be another challenge faced by continuous testing process. It would face trouble in conventional testing process along with insecurely defined test data management. You would be facing ineffective and insufficient resources along with test environments. The heterogeneous test environment would not reflect production environment. It would not be wrong to suggest that longer code integration cycles would be used for creating integration issues along with late fixing of defects. The complex application business and architecture logic would be restricting the desired adoption.

Looking for right tool to help with continuous testing

In event of you searching for the correct tool to help you with continuous testing, you would be spoilt for options. You may often wonder on the possibility of maintaining quality when the software has been changing constantly. However, there has been growing awareness about exiting the testing tools along with practices would be relatively slow to stay up in the race.

It would not be wrong to suggest that continuous testing would be aiming to get testing desired speed with development. It would be done by conducting several kinds of tests, both manual and automated. These tests would be carried out constantly throughout the software delivery pipeline. It would be pertinent to mention here that the approach to testing would be required to keep up with quickly developed iterations.

The Continuous Testing Platform aims to bring testing to quick speed for providing constant feedback on quality of the software.

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