5 Major Power Risks and How You Can Mitigate Them

Whatever you use your power for, it’s no good knowing that sometimes it can just go out. No-one likes being plunged straight back into the 1800s, breaking out the candles and staggering around in the dark. Some of us are at greater risk of power outages than others though, so that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the five major power risks. This means you can take a look and decide how at risk you are.

Here’s how you can also mitigate those risks; get a UPS (uninterrupted power supply). If you’ve got a constant flow of power running through your home or business, you know you never have to worry about going without. It’s essentially a huge battery, which is kept charged when the power is flowing, but which powers the home or establishment when it goes down.

For some places, like hospitals, uninterrupted power is an absolute must. For others, it’s merely a luxury. However, everyone wants to be able to trust their electricity, so if you’re at major risk of these factors, maybe an uninterrupted power supply is exactly what your home or business is in need of.

Trees Cause a Lot of Outages

Trees growing into power lines, breaking in heavy wind and otherwise destroying the lines vital to carrying power around the country are common causes of power outages. If you live somewhere with plenty of overgrown trees near power lines, that can be a real problem.

Weather is Often the Culprit

Whether that’s flooding, high winds or whatever, nine times out of ten, weather proves to be the culprit. If you live somewhere prone to annoyingly intense weather, a UPS could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Wildlife Can Be Unhelpful

So it really seems that nature has it out for our power supplies, right? It’s not just the trees and the weather that we have to worry about either, it’s the wildlife. That means rodents chewing through cables, and other problems. Snakes, rodents and birds are the main problems. If you’re somewhere with plenty of them around, you’re probably at risk.

Public Damage

Automobile accidents, construction blunders and other problems are also pretty common causes of power outages. Sadly, there’s no real way to predict these kinds of problems, all you can really do is be prepared for them.

Equipment Failure

Lastly, you’ve got a really obvious factor. Equipment, especially equipment that has to stand out in all weather, carrying thousands of volts of electricity, can be very prone to burning out and failure. This two, is kind of unavoidable, it’s just part and parcel of having running power in your house. Again, all you can really do is be prepared and ready, should the power go out.

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