Border Control Forces have New Technology at their Behest for Enhanced Security

Border controls have been deemed of great importance for every nation. The measures would enable various nations into regulating the movement of people, goods and animals. Let us explore the latest technology introduced for providing assistance to border control forces with their imperative work.

D3S Wearable RIID

The D3S wearable RIID has been created by Kromek, which is an international technology group and leading developer of high performance products for detecting radiation. The pocket-sized device has been deployed by New Jersey Port Authority. It has protected the US President on various trips to Europe.

It is relatively more powerful than standard RIID (Radiation Isotope Identification Device). It would help you detect radiological threats inclusive of radioactive contamination, smuggling of radioactive substances, radiation at accident scene or terrorist attack and dirty bombs.

The D3S wearable RIID stands apart from its counterparts due to its modest technology. All you would require doing is to turn on the detector and launch the application on the Smartphone. The gadget would keep scanning for radiation without the need to countercheck the operation or being suspicious of the operation. The phone would vibrate or send an announcement into your earbud on detecting the radiation.

Holographic printers and drones

VICE referred about a company during Tenth Annual Border Security Expo in San Antonio, Texas that was selling holographic printers. The one million dollars machine has already been used at Border Control stations at El Paso, San Diego and Tucson. The machine has been sold to US military for usage across Afghanistan and Iraq. It produced nearly 14,000 images during various missions all over the Middle East.

The spokesperson of Zebra Imaging were of the opinion that such technology would work by either an individual or drone clicking aerial photograph on the concerned border. The holographic printer would print the picture to be used for gaining enhanced knowledge about the landscape. It would help them deploy effective missions in the need arises.

The internet of things

In case, you have heard about the Internet of Things, referred as IoT, you should consider using an application on your Smartphone. You could also control the smart thermostat set up at your home when you are actually at the office. Nonetheless, Accenture, which is a global management consulting and professional services firm, acknowledges about custom agencies, it could also make use of IoT for improving their overall operations.

It has been used for monitoring track and cargo journeys at Hamburg Port Authority in Germany. The collected data by the sensors would be embedded into bridges, roadways, containers and vehicles before being analyzed. After completion of analysis, findings would be delivered remotely to officers.

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