Cloud-Based vs. Self-hosted GPS tracking systems: What’s better?

GPS tracking systems are in demand. Businesses, especially in the transport and allied sectors, rely on these GPS-based software solutions to track the movement of vehicles. Of course, these incredible systems come for a price, which is why it is more than necessary to focus on the features. When it comes to GPS tracking system, there are two basic choices – Cloud-based and Self-hosted, and both a few pros and cons. In this post, we take a look at both.

Advantages of Cloud-Based GPS tracking system

As the name indicates, Cloud-Based GPS tracking system are hosted on a remote server, and the service provider offers access to the software. This kind of GPS tracking doesn’t require any investment on part of the client, and the payments are usually made annually or twice a year. The client also has the freedom to terminate the contract as required. For new clients, Cloud-Based GPS tracking systems are always a better choice, because there’s no need for additional investment. Also, the maintenance is offered by the parent company.

Downside at a glance

Critics argue that clients don’t have access to the source codes, which means they cannot make changes or add features. The history is also dependent on the seller and is usually limited, but can be extended for free or by paying extra.

Advantages of Self-hosted GPS tracking system

A Self-hosted GPS tracking system is more like having a system of your own, and the software is usually installed in remote VPS/VDS server from a hosting company. This kind of arrangement works better for big company, because they can afford the initial investment, and there are no recurring annual costs. The client usually has access to the source codes, although not all sellers offer that, and even if they do, the costs are higher. Another advantage is the choice to add features, while clients can also have extensive history at disposal.

Downside at a glance

In case of Self-hosted GPS tracking system, one must pay for the updates that are eventually offered by the service provider. Secondly, the server maintenance is on the client, and there is little you can expect from the seller.

Finally, before you take the call, consider the GPS trackers that the system or software supports and the other features onboard. Spending a tad more on a better system and a reliable service provider is always a good idea, although the features you need depend on the budget and business setup too.

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