Brief Understanding of Google Ad Services

Are you wondering about Google advertising services? Is the advertisement service a new type of campaign? Is it a new targeting method? Let us delve on what precisely Google advertising services mean.

Google Ad Services has been the umbrella term for all kinds of concepts, features, and networks that comprise a Google AdWords account. Simply put, anything that you would achieve with your Google AdWords account has been an integral aspect of Google Ad Services.

Understanding the scope of Google Ad Services

Find below some important concepts along with services that have been an integral aspect of Google Ad services.

  • Search network

Advertising your respective ads on Google search

  • Display network

It would help in advertising the ads on a wide number of available websites, inclusive of mobile applications, YouTube, blogs, and more.

  • Video campaigns

It would help you engage with various customers through video advertisements on YouTube along with other partner websites.

  • Google shopping

It would help in advertising your inventory online along with displaying it in the form of product-specific advertisements.

  • Remarketing

It would also help in showing the advertisements to targeted customers who have been showing interest by visiting your website.

  • Mobile application installation and mobile application engagement companies

It would help in promoting your mobile application for enhancing downloads or application engagement.

  • Other types of campaigns

It would be inclusive of call-only campaigns, dynamic search ads, dynamic remarketing campaigns, etc.

You may also come across several common features such as ads, keywords, bidding strategies, bids, targeting methods, and more.

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