Giving Your Packaging A New Look by Using Vintage Fonts

Every company looks to make its packaging boxes as attractive and effective as possible. This can be materialized only if proper techniques are utilized by the company and efforts are made to make the design as creative as possible. Vintage styled fonts are now being used by these companies for the purpose. These styles have gained much popularity in recent years and are being used by companies.

Various vintage styled fonts

Some of the vintage styled fonts which can be used to make the boxes look effective are:

Mother line toolbox

This font has various versions and has almost 55 badge templates and logo with it. It is a very smooth toolbox and gives the perfect finishing to the text on your boxes. You can use it for vintage accessories, toiletries, upscale projects or for other outdoor equipment like hiking gear, rustic goods, canteens, etc.

Hemera branding font

This font dates back to the times when pharmacies and apothecaries used to sell soda pops and soda floats at their counters. It is more of a decorative font and takes an effort by one to read it comfortably. It has ornamental farming and almost six vector banners accompanied with it. It is a fun font to have on your custom shipping packaging.Whiskey font

This is a clean and easy font to read and is a much sober one, unlike its name. It is mainly used on packages of liquor bottles, cosmetics and other such handmade goods. It has three different varieties in it in which the font comes. This can give a very unique and a vintage look to your packaging.

Harbour label typeface

If you wish to give a fun like, carnival feel to your customers, you can use this font style on your packaging. It can evoke a seaside, or boardwalk feels amongst the customers. It is recommended for the fonts of restaurant menus, posters, and greeting cards. It also has a combination of outline, sans, dots and bold shadow to add to the collection.Conclusion

Hence, you can choose the perfect vintage style that you like for your packaging boxes amongst the numerous choices that you have. You can try each one of these on your pack and according to your product specifications and its requirement, you can choose the one that you want to be there on your packages.

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