Smart SEO Auditor: An Ideal Tool For Web Masters And SEO Experts!

Website optimization is a relevant term for marketing, SEO, and everything remotely related to performance. SEO experts, website owners and web masters, often have a hard time finding flaws in a website. Something as simple as looking for broken links and images can take hours, especially for websites that have more than 20 pages. Smart SEO Auditor promises to become the ‘smart’ and ‘one-click’ solution for that and more. We downloaded this latest tool, and here’s what we liked about the application.

What does Smart SEO Auditor check?

Smart SEO Auditor checks a website page for 30 different criteria! Yes, you read that right. The tool checks for broken links, links from other pages of the website, external links, user friendly URLs, server response codes, and even things like titles, descriptions, keywords, and website images. The app also analyses Sitemap and robots.txt files for a website. Imagine the amount of manual work that has to be done otherwise. Check to find more information on the parameters.

Who should use the tool?

Literally anyone who owns or manages a website can benefit from Smart SEO Auditor. It is an app that simplifies website evaluation and auditing, and that too, in a simple click. Website owners, webmasters, SEO experts, and marketing enthusiasts will be able to use the app for diverse needs. With this tool, you can also evaluate the performance of your competitor sites, and that will further help in improving your own website.

Can I use Smart SEO Auditor for free?

Yes, Smart SEO Auditor has a freeware edition, which can check and review websites with 100 pages at the maximum. If you are a webmaster or SEO expert who reviews hundreds of websites monthly, you can go for the paid version of the app, which can crawl big and growing portals. To use Smart SEO Auditor, just download the app and run it on your system after installation. Type the address of the website you want to analyze and click on the ‘Start Crawling’ button. The tool will do the job and once the analysis is done, all the necessary information will be presented in a file. You can also choose to export details on an Excel file, if required.


The makers of Smart SEO Auditor offer a moneyback guarantee on the paid version, and that sums up what you can expect from this amazing tool. Download and try reviewing your website now!

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