Network Security Threats That Every Business Owner Should Know About

The Internet has made things run more efficiently, but it comes with many threats. Your company is at a higher risk of a data breach, which costs over $3 million annually. Thanks to network security, you can protect your company from possible data breaches by enhancing network protection.

You should ensure your business is protected from network security threats.

Network security will protect your company data from intrusion breaches and all threats. The network security is mainly about access control to companies’ data, application security, antivirus software, network analytics, and network-related security.

What will Network Security Protect your Company Data Against

Virus: is a downloadable file that replicates and can change the computer software using its code. Once the files get infected, they spread from one computer to another, corrupting network data.

Worms: worms will slow the computer network because it eats bandwidth. It also slows down the efficiency of computer data processing. A worm can propagate and work independently, unlike a virus that uses a host program to spread.

Trojan: it’s a backdoor program that allows unauthorized malicious users to access your computer data. Trojan looks like a program, but it is very harmful because the Trojan virus will delete files, activate malware hidden in your computer then steal valuable data.

Spyware: This computer virus gathers companies’ information without your knowledge and then sends it to another person without your consent.

Ransomware: a type of Trojan that a criminal can use to obtain money from the company. Once installed, it encrypts data blocking access to the company’s system.

The Best Way to Protect your company

If you want to protect your business, follow these security measures

Bolster Access Control

Access control is a crucial part of security; when a company has weak access control, it becomes vulnerable to unauthorized access. You can prevent access by using strong passwords. When creating passwords, mix the upper and lowercase letters, add numbers and use special characters. Always change all default passwords.

Update all Softwares

Don’t assume any software update alert because they are vital. Ensure you update the computer operating system, antivirus, and every software; you can forget to update the software manually; always use automatic software updates; it’s easier and saves time.

Standardize Software

You can keep your computer safe by standardizing software. Make sure nobody can install software on your computer without your approval. Ensure before installing software, know its security. In your company, ensure all computers use the same:

  • Operating system
  • Media player
  • Plugins
  • Take network protection measures
  • Ensure your computer traffic is secure by:
  • Installing firewall
  • Use proper access controls
  • Use network segmentation
  • Do computer maintenance regularly
  • Use a virtual private network (VPN)
  • Use IPS/IDS to keep track of potential packet floods

Train your Staff

Without proper training, your staff can cause a network security threat. If your employee understands network security, they can identify a threat and know what to do to avoid a network security breach.


Network security is the backbone of every business. If breached, it can cause the loss of essential data or money; that is why you can hire network security experts if you don’t have a dedicated IT team. They will help you enhance network security and eliminate any network security threat.

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