What Should One Expect From The High-Quality Brand Protection Software?

In today’s digital era, one of the most challenging issues that brands are facing is counterfeits and infringers which further can put the company’s profits and reputation in danger. By trying to fight off fakes and infringers manually, many businesses tend to waste their resources. Fortunately, advanced technological solutions are available that enable brand monitoring and provide effective and scalable results. But how to know which brand protection software is the best? This article highlights what one should consider when selecting a provider.

What is brand protection software?

Brand protection software enables businesses to prevent infringements of an enterprise’s intellectual property (IP), products, and also services. It allows online products and brand monitoring, and also track pricing information to make sure that the distribution and sales are in the line with the business’s policies. When working with resellers, it can become challenging to control how and where products and services are being sold online. Brand protection software is used by companies to protect themselves from counterfeiters, infringers, and copyright violators.

What to expect from brand protection software?

  • Increases company’s visibility and becomes more efficient

Stop limited manual search

Manual detection can only tackle a limited number of counterfeiters leaving other unidentified counterfeiters to replicate brands and products. Therefore, the selected brand protection software providers must monitor and take down counterfeiters automatically.

Minimize time spent reviewing countless results

As companies always budget their time and resources in analyzing and understanding a large amount of brand protection data, it can be more of a hindrance than effective. The brand protection software provider provides the companies with the outcomes of protective actions in customizable dashboards and reports suiting the individual interest of brands.

  • Detect more and see beyond

Scanning more images and detecting more infringements

While some brand protection software depends on keyword searches to detect counterfeits, it is wise to opt for a solution that incorporates image recognition. It is essential because many counterfeits use design replicas without using the brand’s name making it difficult to detect by solely using keyword recognition.

Boost ROI by minimizing the detection-to-enforcement-time

The best brand protection software needs to deliver optimal results and also a good return on investment. This is the case when the software is capable of brand monitoring, identifying, and enforcing infringements functions efficiently and quickly.

  • Observe trends, prioritize future actions, and make strategic decisions

Counterfeiters and infringers are always searching for new opportunities to exploit online businesses and markets. A brand protection software must be capable of making blind spots visible and also give brands insights on how their counterparts must be adopted to make strategic decisions to protect the business’s interest.


Protecting a brand against counterfeiters and infringers will require a powerful and efficient solution. The best brand protection software identifies infringements quickly and effectively and also it displays the impact of the company’s brand protection actions that are tailored according to its needs. before selecting a provider, it is better to evaluate the benefits of the software.

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