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Ryan Mcaweeney on the Impact of Unethical Marketing Practices

Ryan Mcaweeney has build reputation for himself in San Diego from his vast experience in marketing and advertising. From starting out as an advertiser in 1992 to starting his direct marketing company that he founded in 2008, he has acquired a lot of skills in different areas that he now uses to help clients and startups trying to set up business in his city of birth, San Diego.

He has used his influence to speak out on the dangers of unethical practices by advertising agencies and their clients.

Impact on the Advertising Industry

Use of black hat techniques had been ongoing even before the advent of online advertising. However, in recent times, the growth of social media platforms and the lower costs of digital marketing have made these unethical practices easier to execute for scammers and unscrupulous advertising agencies.

When clients are negatively impacted by these unethical strategies their faith in online advertising may wear in the process. More people are making their purchases online, coupled with the ease of setting up false accounts or misinforming audiences, the prospects of making easy gain can be too tempting for some entrepreneurs to ignore.

Unethical Tactics

If you want to hire an agency to handle your advertising campaign you need to be certain that they are not employing unethical methods to generate results. Some of the common unethical strategies according to Mcaweeney include:

  • Misinformation: Using false descriptions to represent products and services as being of a far superior quality than they actually are. He says digital agencies should not take on clients that are selling products that are clearly substandard. Clients, therefore, need to note these agencies since their strategies may show the same laxity in complying with ethical standards required in the industry.
  • Creating False Paranoia: Using content that has been modified or relying on false information to spread fear is another unethical marketing tactic agencies and their clients should avoid. Mcaweeny states that it is important to discern between issuing a warning and instilling fear. The latter involves spreading false information with the objective of causing a panic.

Ryan believes in using effective but purely ethical means to achieve exceptional results. He has demonstrated the value of ethical marketing by coming up with tailored campaigns that capture and retains audiences. This guarantee great results for current and future campaigns. Ryan Mcaweeney has more than three decades of experience in marketing, and his company has managed successful campaigns for big brands such as Bank of America and NFL.

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