SyncMate: Synchronization tool for Mac OS X

SyncMate, Mac Android synchronization app or software, which covers all the sync requirements for Mac Operating System. Through SyncMate you can connect a large number of devices. It can sync Mac with Android devices, other Macs, any MTP devices, unlimited number of IOS devices, and mounted storages.


Mac Android synchronization software SyncMate is available in two different versions, a free edition and expert edition.

  • SyncMate Free Edition: It covers basic needs for syncing and allows:
  • One can read messages even without reaching for a cell phone.
  • Some one with supported devices can sync calendar.
  • Someone can sync Mac Address Book with the analogs to any supported devices.
  • It can also sync everything in the background.
  • SyncMate Expert Edition: SyncMate Expert Edition extends the range the sync can be provided tremendously for your Mac to sync various devices:
  • Syncing of photos, videos, and audios can be done on Mac together with folders and libraries on devices that are supported.
  • Itunes content can be synced with libraries, playlist and folders on devices.
  • You can sync your folders in between your Mac and devices; multiple file types are supported by SyncMate.
  • Using the full-sized keyboard, you can text from Mac. As well as you can create, send and delete the text message.
  • SyncMate also keeps your call history.
  • With it’s analogs, on supported devices remainders of any event can be set.
  • You and any direction of your device SyncMate will bookmark it.
  • Automatic sync can be done by SyncMate.
  • You can mouth your device on Mac as a drive.
  • Your important data can be backed up with the help of Mac.

With the help of SyncMate, you can sync data even with an online account and cloud storages. Office 365 and Outlook is supported by it. It also supports Google Account and Dropbox.

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