Use WordPress for Developing Sites Hosted Through GoDaddy

The hosting provider GoDaddy came into shape in 1997 and officially started its journey in 1999. The year 2005 saw them enriched with a huge 10 million customers and a good amount of revenue from the business. They are now a more successful company with more than 17 million customers and with 75 million domains with which their customers are working. The employee numbers have increased too and now they have more than 7000 people under their umbrella. The company has got 14 offices all over the world and has got revenue of $2.2 billion in the financial year of 2017.

Business improved with WordPress

The new management has taken over GoDaddy and hence the company is going through a overhaul of the infrastructure and are becoming a cloud based company at the international arena. It is becoming friendly for women entrepreneurs and is also helping small businesses to turn their dream into reality. The godaddy for wordpress is another venture from GoDaddy to work hand in hand with another expert. This venture helps them to expand their infrastructure and they also are going ahead in sponsoring WordPress events and other programs. This has given way to a better business and the bottom line of GoDaddy has improved while they have cashed in on the huge market of hosting.

Hosting plans from GoDaddy

The hosting provider was active with the community of WordPress and their different programs for the last few years. GoDaddy has got a bouquet of hosting plans and some are lowest in the industry. The loading of the data is fast and they also have a 99.9% uptime for the customers. The site owners get 100GB storage space and a bandwidth that is not metered at all. They also get email from Microsoft Office 365 for a single year and a complete back up system of the site. The customers also get to choose a free domain name of the site they are hosting.

WordPress and other applications

There are other plans on the higher range of the tariff chart. These are not much expensive but the features give a lot of creativity and benefits for the customers. There are plans with unlimited sites and storage for the site owners and with 2x processing speed. They also offer proper security for the data and for the sites too. There are DDoS protection offered from the hosting provider to protect your sites and data against attack. They also give access free working access to different applications and WordPress is one of these applications.

Using WordPress for Web Development

The site owners love the plan of using the WordPress with their package. This one is flexible and better to use for developing their sites. GoDaddy has prepared the platform with WordPress for increasing their customer satisfaction. The WordPress hosting in included with the package of GoDaddy and there is no extra cost for using godaddy for wordpress. The website builder from GoDaddy is named Go Central and it offers a lot of industry specific themes to create sites. You will have to use the WordPress on sites that you are hosting through GoDaddy. Once you install the WordPress, web development will become easier for you. There are different themes and designs for customization of your sites. So just install WordPress and create sites for your business with a foundation that is backed with the hosting provider.

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