What Are the Best Single Board Computers Available in 2021?

Raspberry is one of the single-board computers that has transformed the world of computers. At first, this SBC was created to train amateur coders. However, it has created a good name in the market as it has already sold millions of units internationally.

When a new, improved model of these single board computers (SBC computers) is produced, its coding-crazy users go into a feeding rage. They want to be part of a community with its own set of benefits.

Even though Raspberry Pi dominates many people’s imagination, it’s not the only perfect SBC available in the market. We have listed some other options that can handle an immense array of duties.

These options are well fitted to different purposes, such as supporting media centers and supporting complex robotics. They include:

UP2 Squared

The UP2 Squared is larger than the Raspberry. This SBC sits across the line dividing hobby boards and micro-PCs. Also, you can pick your specs from the broad range available. It comes with an Intel Pentium N4200 Quad-core and a 2.5GHz processor. It also has 8GB RAM. It may be more expensive than other options, but it has an Intel processor. This means you have SBC that can run full-fat Windows 10.

La Frite

The La Frite has arm-based CPUs and DDR4 RAM. They have a high video playback performance. However, you can expect further cutbacks like missing wifi support, a wired Ethernet connection, and a slow processor. You will also enjoy two USB ports, 2.0 OTG AND HDMI 1.4 with a 1080P.

Udoo Bolt

This is a unique SBC since it does not have an arm-based hard. Instead, it has an AMD’S Ryzen V1000 series SoC. The Ryzen Zen offers numerous benefits to Udoo Bolt. It lets the power of a multi-core Zen processor be combined with the vega GPU. Therefore, with this SBC, you can drive high-end AI and VR applications. Using the APU, Udoo has a pair of boards, making it easy to handle almost any project.

NanoPi Neo4

Are you looking for an affordable six-core? Then choosing the NanoPi Neo4 is the best option as it features a powerful processor with a quad-core A53 processor and ARM-BASED dual-core A72. On top of that, it has Mali T-854 GPU. You will enjoy a faster RAM that is DDR3-1866.

Additionally, it features a 4K output support and PCIe x2 interface. You will also get in-built WIFI with gigabit Ethernet and NanoPi. It has a USB 3.0 port that allows you to transfer data faster.


Do you believe that SBCs can replace regular desktops because they are cheap? Would you like an SBC that can be used for home theater PCs?

If your response to these two questions is yes, then the Odroid-XU4 is the right choice. Even though it has the same price as Raspberry Pi 3, it provides exceptional features. The features include the Mali-T628 MP6 GPU, Samsung Exynos 5422 Cortex-A15 octa-core GPU, two USB 3.0 PORTS, 1 gigabit Ethernet port, and power adapter.

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