Do Infographics Improve The SEO Score of Websites?

nfographics have changed the way websites used to publish content in the past. There was either text content or graphical content, but ever since their inception, infographics have helped businesses combine graphics and text content in one format for better user engagement and reduced bounce rate. But do you know that they also help you improve SEO score? Yes, you read it right. If you learn how to optimise your infographics for SEO, you can easily improve your website’s rankings in SERPs and attract thousands of new visitors in a fully organic way.

Apart from these benefits, infographics also help you earn free backlinks that leave a significant positive impact on your SEO score. When you create engaging infographics, users would love to share your content on their social media profiles, which in turn can help you earn hundreds of fresh and high-quality social signals. No other content format can impact your website SEO as positively as infographics, provided they are attractively designed and well optimized. So, spend time on creating high-quality infographics and publish them regularly on your website.

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