Inkjet vs. Laser Printers – Check this guide to make a choice!

Printers are handy for homes and workplaces alike, and there are a bunch of choices for different budgets. If you go by the type, there are two major options – inkjet and laser. In this post, we will review both, so that you can take a call accordingly.

Knowing the difference

Inkjet printers are ideal for low-volume printing. These printers use ink, and the cartridges usually don’t last long. However, inkjet printers are ideal for smaller offices and homes, because these don’t tend to be expensive. What’s even better is the fact that you can shop from many brands. Laser printers, on the contrary, don’t use ink but toner (powder). These printers are expensive and cartridges last considerably, printing over 20,000 pages a month.

Pros and cons of laser printers

First and foremost, laser printers are known for fast printing speed. If your office requires frequent printing of documents, this is something that makes for an obvious choice. Also, the cost of printing per page is significantly lower with these printers, and you can expect to print thousands of pages with one toner replacement. Laser printers are more ideal for documents and texts than images.

On the other side, laser printers tend to be more expensive than inkjet printers, and therefore, the upfront costs are higher.

Pros and cons of inkjet printers

These printers are great for printing photographs, images and documents alike, and some of the better ones are designed for printing on different surfaces, including CDs. The cost of inkjet printers is on the lower side, but do note that cartridges can be expensive, if you consider the cost of each print.

In terms of cons, inkjet printers must be used regularly, or else, the ink in cartridges will try out. If you don’t want to use your printer all the time, you may want to consider monochrome laser printers.

Saving money on printers

If you are short on budget, always check online stores, which have discounts on most leading brands. Also, you can shop for HP Ink cartridges from at lower prices, and that helps in reducing the operational costs, as well. No matter whether it’s an inkjet printer or a laser one, always read the reviews. You don’t want to buy a cheap printer and spend continuously on repairs and cartridges. Also, make sure that the concerned brand is around to offer services, when needed.

Shortlist a few options now!

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