SEO 2018: Brace Yourself for Google Algorithm Changes

SEO trends evolve rapidly like other aspects that make up the digital space. As a consequence, there are numerous changes to search engine practices that you need to be aware of so that you can adjust your marketing activities accordingly. It is tough to keep track of such changes if you are fully engaged in your core activities, and that is why you need the assistance of experts like Cardinal Digital Marketing who commit their time and attention to such matters. Being the dominant search engine, Google implements various changes that have significant effects on SEO. The next text focuses on amendments to expect in 2018 and how they will affect your website’s position in search results.

False News of Algorithm Updates

Any change that Google makes has significant implications in SEO terms. As a consequence, there is a clique of content publishers that thrives on misleading the public about Google updates just to drive traffic to their respective sites. You need to look out for such websites because they can motivate you to make unnecessary changes to your content marketing strategies, and that can lead to a drop in your web page’s rankings. The best move when you encounter such parties is to confirm the authenticity of their messages by contacting reputable SEO professionals like Cardinal Digital Marketing.

Page Load Speeds

In the past, this aspect was critical, but it was mainly focused on desktop searches. The increasing use of mobile gadgets has now made page load speeds vital when considering these devices. It is interesting to note that page speed will be a crucial ranking aspect in mobile searches from July 2018. So, if your website offers slow user experience for mobile users, make sure to contact specialists such as Cardinal Digital Marketing to get the necessary changes before it is too late.

Video and Rankings

More than half of all Google searches contain video content within their pages. While it could be due to the increased use of video, it could also be as a result of Google giving priority to web pages that have this type of content in its search results. Remember that Google owns a video search engine platform- Youtube. So, the increased visibility of sites with video content in search results may be Google’s way of promoting its interests. Your Atlanta SEO professional will, as a result, ask you to increase the use of such content if you wish to appear on the first page of search results.

Voice Searches

A sizable number of teens and adults use voice search in their daily queries. Google has taken note of this fact and has hinted that it will introduce better voice search reporting in a couple of months. What you can do on your part to take advantage of this aspect is to make your long-tail keyword phrases to sound less awkward and more conversational. The reason is that people use a lot more words when using speech in their searches than when typing in words. An SEO company in Atlanta can help you considerably in such a task.

Mobile Results

SEO is now more dependent on mobile than ever before. On its part, Google has found it necessary to give priority to responsive and mobile-friendly websites, which will happen later on in the year. It is advisable to speak to Atlanta SEO services experts so that you can make your site ready before then.


There is a lot to expect from Google this year because SEO is ever changing. The search engine giant believes in adapting to such developments or influencing their occurrence. Working with a renowned SEO Atlanta professional is the best way to ensure that your site is always ready for such amendments.

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